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Microsoft SharePoint Server delivers a high quality solution that stimulates and delivers user participation, and the tools for highly secure, well managed content. The amount of business information created and shared is increasing in size and speed every day. Key business tasks require accurate and fast access to records, documents, and other information. Without content management, information becomes chaos which is unmanageable, not searchable, and processes rely more on employees than technology. Users waste time looking for or recreating documents and information, and businesses may pay penalties for documents and information that are accidentally lost or released publicly.  Most traditional ECM offerings only provide comprehensive, mission -critical content management designed for a small set of users. SharePoint Server enables companies to democratize content management and improve organizations by providing content management to all employees and compliance across all documents. This leads to better, faster, and more secure processes that can be managed through a familiar environment, integrated into business collaboration infrastructure, and built on a trusted and extensible platform.

Course importance

SharePoint’s enables to store documents in a more organized format rather than a very traditional folder system. It brings an organisation together so that everyone receives critical information that’s specific to them. It is really designed around getting the organisation into a central point where they can collaborate. This is particularly important for organisations that are not geographically connected. Sharepoint provides the following advantages

  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Improved team productivity
  • Solutions adapted to your needs
  • Guaranteed information security and integrity
  • Intra/extra/internet

Sharepoint online training in Hyderabad – Course objectives

  • Create a new Team Site in Central Administration
  • Learn to get around in the new App-Centric user interface
  • Create Site Columns and Content Types
  • Work with Document Libraries and Document Sets
  • Create and Deploy InfoPath Forms
  • Create Workflows in SharePoint 2013
  • Work with External Data using Business Connectivity Services
  • Use the Managed Metadata Service
  • Work with User Profiles and MySites
  • Create Custom Solutions using the SharePoint 2013 Search Service
  • Work with a SharePoint 2013 Publishing Portal
  • Use Excel Services in SharePoint 2013
  • Create SharePoint Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services

Course pre-requisites

Better if you have some experience with Sharepoint as an end user. You can view some of the portals and solutions designed / developed using Sharepoint. Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Office, and the Web. To be a developer you need to have good knowledge on C#, ASP.Net and  SQLServer.

Understanding SharePoint 2013

  • SharePoint Product Topology & Architecture
  • Capabilities
  • SharePoint Deployment Options
  • Development & Extensibility Option Overview

Developing SharePoint Solutions

  • Farm Solutions
  • Sandbox Solutions
  • Breaking Out of the Sandbox
  • SharePoint Features
  • Solution Packages

Developing SharePoint App Models

  • SharePoint App Model Overview
  • SharePoint Hosted Apps
  • Developer/Self-Hosted Apps
  • Azure Auto-Hosted Apps
  • Public & Corporate Marketplace

Pages and Navigation

  • SharePoint + ASP.NET
  • Master Pages
  • Site & Application Pages
  • Navigation
  • Chrome Control
  • Ribbon Extensibility

SharePoint Security

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Claims Based Authentication
  • Programming Security
  • Securing Apps
  • App Identity
  • OAuth & Server-to-Server (S2S)

Lists, Libraries, and Events

  • List Instances
  • Document Libraries
  • Event Receivers (Sites, Lists & List Items)
  • Remote Event Receivers

Server-Side SharePoint Development

  • Server-Side API Overview
  • Server-Side Data Access
  • CAML, SPQuery & SPSiteDataQuery
  • LINQ for SharePoint
  • Working with Large Data Sets

Client-Side SharePoint Development

  • Programming with JavaScript
  • Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
  • WCF Data Services / OData / REST API
  • Client-Side Cross Domain Calls
  • JavaScript Controls (Notifications, Status Messages, Toast Messages & Dialogs)

Developing Workflows

  • Understanding the Workflow Architecture
  • Windows Azure Workflow
  • Workflow Stages
  • Dynamic Values
  • Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Creating Workflows with Visual Studio 2012

Business Connectivity Services

  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Architecture
  • Creating & Using External Content Type Models
  • BCS Apps
  • .NET Assembly Connectors
  • Authentication Options

SharePoint Search

  • SharePoint Search Architecture
  • Search Web Parts
  • Customizing Search
  • Programming with the Search API
  • Entity Extraction

Enterprise Content Management

  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Document Sets
  • Managing Large Content Sets
  • eDiscovery
  • Managed Metadata
  • Programming with Managed Metadata (server & client side)

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  1. I have been searching for online training on Sharepoint for the past two weeks and i finally i have enrolled for the training with Learn Communals. It was going good with the latest updated concepts from the latest version of Sharepoint and the sessions were being conducted on time by their trainer.

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